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About Cash Yeild

We at Cashyeild Investment & Trading (Pvt Ltd) London UK. believe in simplicity, stability and security. And that is why, we trade carefully. We care for our clients and their hard owned money. It is our ethics that separates us from others. Cashyeild Investment & Trading (Pvt Ltd) London UK. is the most authoritative and recognizable brand in the sphere of online-investment services.The primary types of activities of Cashyeild Investment & Trading (Pvt Ltd) London UK.

Which were accepted from the very moment of its foundation are highly secured and balanced financial services for each individual investor. Cashyeild Investment & Trading (Pvt Ltd) London UK. is authorized by the Financial Services Commission of London to manage, under a mandate, portfolios of securities and give advice on securities transactions. Cashyeild Investment & Trading (Pvt Ltd) London UK. is also authorized by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of London UK to conduct activities of currency exchange merchant and brokerage, asset management, financial advisory and other associated activities.

Cashyeild Investment & Trading (Pvt Ltd) London UK. always keeps abreast of modern technology, regularly expands the range of trade currencies and financial instruments and uses up-to-date software. We currently offer the most popular programs for online investing to help our clients around the world. Along with advanced information technologies and qualitative software, we provide our clients with high-level customised services.

Management Team

The management team of Cash Yeild are investors, managers and business people, who founded Cash Yeild due to a gap in the market. They found that when they were in need of assistance in setting up new businesses in investment markets or looking for sincere advice or direction in Investment opportunities that it was almost impossible to find this service in one place and by a company that understood the values and ethics that they worked too.


As a recognized pre-eminent investment company, we continually try to increase the value of our business using highly efficient innovative structures, practices and honesty. Cash Yeild places the highest priority on maintaining high ethical values, and we are committed to contributing to the development of society through integrity and fair business exercitation. We also engage in personnel training that focuses on developing the creative ability of each individual employee, and operate within a corporate culture that eagerly accepts new challenges and promotes free-thinking. We accelerate the evolution of innovations around the world by being European leader in investments, processing transactions, delivering innovations in secure infrastructure, speed and intelligence.

Cash Yeild Mission

Our mission is to create value for our customers, shareholders, employees and community. To accelerate the evolution of electronic payments around the world by being European leader in processing transaction, delivering innovations in secure infrastructure, speed and intelligence. Our mission is to build the most professional investment service that provides its clients with state of the art practice in terms of international standard of services, and to become pioneers in providing innovative investment products. To become a world-class company, add value and to grow our investment portfolio through active tactical stewardship, financial engineering, business promotion capabilities and financial resources.

Cash Yeild Vision

Our vision is to be recognized as a regional leader in the provision of high quality business, investment services and products. Cash Yeild is willing to redefine asset management with complete transparency and high liquidity. To target absolute returns using risk-adjusted strategies and innovations. To enable data-driven commerce and investment services through innovations in secure infrastructure, speed and intelligence. Our vision is to accelerate the evolution of alternative investments and commerce around the world. Our clients trust Cash Yeild to deliver alternative investments possibility and innovative technology solutions that improve their competitiveness and help them best serve their own customers and for investors to achieve their financial freedom. Our vision is to be the 'Top in Quality' by delivering superior management performance and services from which investors can benefit. It is the necessary part of this vision to deliver superior returns to our investors and shareholders, year after year, consistently without any risk. We as a market leader that constantly innovates to provide best-value products and services to its millions of customers.

Security and Guarantees

We value your business and the trust you have placed in us. We take security very seriously and use a variety of measures to protect your personal information and accounts. Our 'Earnings Guarantee' is designed to provide you with peace of mind when doing business with Cash Yeild. We guarantee that your daily earnings will be paid everyday - we guarantee the stability. If system is compromised, we will pay earnings directly to your chosen payment form. If you detect any errors or discrepancies or suspect unauthorized activity in your account, please contact us promptly. To ensure that you are able to contact us in a timely manner, you must frequently check your account information and transaction history online and promptly review correspondence, account statements. We will investigate any unauthorized activity that you report to us, and we will ask you to cooperate with us in the investigation and to take corrective measures to protect your account from further fraudulent activity. Cash Yeild will reimburse your earnings, if we conclude that there was a fault in our payment system. We will also need to ensure that the fault was not initiated by you (the account owner) or by someone you allowed to access your account.

Safety of clients funds

Electronic Security

We maintain the strictest physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to secure your data and prevent unauthorized account access. Please remember that Cash Yeild will never send you unsolicited email asking you for your password or for any personal information.

Email security

As email is not a secure method of transmitting information, always be careful when sending sensitive information via email. Use caution before responding to email requests for account login or other personal information.
  • Never enter any information into an email or pop up. Prince Fund will never solicit account or personal information via email.
  • Do not open emails from unrecognized senders.
  • Use spam detectors to filter malicious and fraudulent emails.
  • Beware of emails that request you to click on a link or visit a web site. These links could lead to malicious sites intended on gathering your personal information. Such malicious sites often look very similar to the legitimate web site of the companies being misrepresented. These emails typically convey a sense of urgency.

Account Security

Security of information is paramount at Cash Yeild. We work continuously to safeguard your accounts, employing the very latest technology and security methods. We can't do it alone, however. Only you can protect your personal computer from identity theft. Below are key steps you can take to reduce your online risks significantly.

Secure your home computer

Follow these steps to protect your computer:
  • Anti-Virus Software must be Up-to-Date
  • Anti-Spyware Software must be Up-to-Date
  • Personal Firewall needed
  • Regular Installation of Security Updates (Best Automatic Option)
  • Your Wireless Home Network Protection
  • Exercise Caution with Wireless Hotspots

Minimize your online risk

Follow these steps to protect you from internet fraud:
  • Protect Your Passwords
  • Do NOT use same Passwords
  • Protect Yourself from Phishing Scams
  • Do NOT Open Unexpected E-Mail (Especially with Attachments)
  • Do NOT E-Mail Personal or Financial Data
  • Do NOT Be a Victim of Session Stealing (Always use Logout button)

Contact Us
  • Email: admin@cashyeild.com
  • Monday - Friday: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm
    Saturday - Sunday: 11:00 am - 04:00 pm
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