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We are interested in increasing our fund assets, and so we offer our customers a referral system offering 7% commission for main deposit received from your affiliates. Referral system encourages customers to make our service more popular and make money from it too by becoming a real partner of the company. Our referral system is unique as it opens up limitless opportunities for all Internet users.

Everyone can be engaged in investing and simultaneously participate in our referral system, or simply be a partner and build an own global business while being a partner of a successful investment company. The participation in the referral system implies referring new clients to Cash Yeild through a personal referral link. Each client can find a referral partner link in the account area.

How much will I earn?

Different people invest different amounts. The greater the volume of investments is the more your income is. For example, your friend has registered following your link and has made deposit in the amount of 500 US dollars You already receive 35 US dollars and you will continue receiving 7% from all further investment.

Registration takes only several minutes. No minimum quantity of invited users is required, that's why the affiliate link you receive does not commit you to anything. We hope that our cooperation will be efficient and mutually beneficial.


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