Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.

How long are you in this business?

If you wonder how long are we making money for our investors in different forms, it would be at average 3 years, as Cash Yeild we exist since 2012.

Can I open 2 or more accounts in my name?

Yes, you can open more than one account.

Can i recover my login password?

First, try restoring your account password via 'Lost Password' form. If this does not work out, please contact our customer service department from the email address you have used at registration. Please include your username and e-currencies account number. After we verify your identity, we will send the account password to your contact email address.

Why do you need my personal information?

We use your personal information to communicate with you, carry out payments, and of course we use your personal data to secure our system and verify you as a legal owner of your account. Due to our Privacy Policy your personal information can't be given to any third parties or used in any other purposes.

What is minimum and maximum deposit?

Minimum deposit starts from $10 and has $1,000,000 maximum limitation.

After I make an withdrawal, when will the funds be available on my payment processor account?

The system works in automatic mode, which means that you get paid instantly under this time period (5:00 GMT to 17:00 GMT) after you made a request..

What is "affiliate program"?

Affiliate program is some kind of corporation reward for new investors attraction. Referral commission is 5%-30% of the amount invested by your referral. It will be added to your 'Available balance' automatically after your referral makes deposit at Cash Yeild account.

Can I send out spam emails in order to promote you?

No. Spam is strictly prohibited. Every user caught spamming will be deleted and his account will be closed.

How can I check my account balance?

You can access the account information 24 hours seven days a week over the Internet.

Is your payment system automated?

Yes, our payment system is fully automated.

How can I withdraw funds?

You can withdraw funds in your Personal Cash Yeild account by clicking Withdraw button and charging the amount disposed on your available balance.

How can I trust Cash Yeild? What is the risk? Can I lose my money?

We offer our clients time tested investment products of high profitability and efficiency. During the last years we've accumulated reserves that allow us to be strong and at the same time flexible. Now when we dispose $100 million that we can totally secure for our investors' deposits.

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